Top 5 Soccer Players Right Now

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Let’s take a look at some of the most popular soccer players in the world at this current moment. However, most of the players find themselves in famous sbobet clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich and real Madrid, and therefore the list is populated amongst these clubs.

  1. Messi: Currently playing for Barcelona, Messi is one of the most versatile forwards that you shall find in the current football scenario. He is by some distance the best player in the world, but recently has been eclipsed by the accuracy and the sheer ruthlessness of Cristiano Ronaldo. This Barcelona striker is extremely versatile to be playing in the front line, and has also led his country to 2014 World Cup final.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo: Playing for real Madrid, Christian Ronaldo is one of those players that has been able to make a direct impact for their country as well as for the club. He is stronger, immensely fit, and has been able to create wonderful striking goals across the entire periphery of the football stadium. He has been a revelation and at the age of 21, still continues to bring about astounding strikes that has been able to mesmerized people from all across the world. The recent winner of the Ballon d’Or, Cristiano looks extremely outrageous when he commits to playing with the heart in his sleeve.
  3. Luis Suarez: Playing for Barcelona, Suarez is definitely one of those people that have courted controversy, while at the same time achieving the best result for his club. Although the striker is not everybody’s cup of tea, but he has been able to master himself around the defenders and link up with that team players to provide opportunities for the frontline to keep scoring goals. He has been able to remain a 100% dedicated to the cause of taking Barcelona forward and ensuring that the team gets the best silverware every year.
  4. Neymar: This Brazilian phenomenon has been able to create some of the best chances for his country well at the same time ensures that he plays international level football for Barcelona as well. Noted as one of the best replacements for Messi, Neymar has been in a planned of his own. Alongside Messi, one can definitely see this player being able to take the club forward to ensure that they keep winning and raking in the silverware.
  5. Arjen Robben: Also noted as an old workhorse, Robben is not currently playing for Bayern Munich. However, this period not only has a deadly combination of striking left foot skills, but also happens to be a nightmare for the defenders, particularly with his short bursts of running. He is more than just your average winger; he is a striker when you need them to be. Having played for famous clubs like Chelsea, real Madrid and now Bayern Munich, Robben is one of the most versatile players that you will be able to find in the history of soccer.